Hourly Lessons

1 Hour


Ideal as a first "taster" and assessment lesson and a chance to meet your instructor, who will be able to advise you on your best course of action.

2 Hours


Booking a 2 hour lesson will save you money and speed up your progress. Two hour lessons cost less and are far more productive because of the continuous unbroken time behind the wheel.

Intensive Courses

12 Hours 3 Days


Ideal for someone who is very close to test standard or recently failed a test. The main bulk of the course is on the first two days with the driving test being taken on the morning of the third. This course can also be taken over the weekend.

18 Hours 4 Days


Ideal for someone who has already attained a good standard of driving, but needs that extra bit of help and guidance to reach test standard.

25 Hours 5 Days


This is our most popular course. Ideal for pupils with some driving experience and has already mastered the basic controls. The course can start on any day of the week.

30 Hours 6 Days


Suitable for the confident young novice or older pupil that has had some past driving tuition.

35 Hours 7 Days


This course is ideal for the young beginner and the older novice that has already mastered the basic controls.

40 Hours 8 Days


Suitable for the more nervous beginner or older novice. This course will really boost your confidence and get you on the road to success.